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The increasingly complex requirements of the crane engineering

With the rapid development of the economy, in the construction of the project, it is becoming more and more complicated, and the increasingly complex requirements of the crane engineering are getting higher and higher, which puts higher requirements on the design and manufacture of the lifting machinery.hydraulic scissor lift manufacturers The rated lifting capacity of many types of cantilever cranes (spindle cranes) is constantly refreshed.

The product life cycle is shortened, cranes are upgraded, and crane delivery expectations are increasing. In order to meet the diversification and individualization requirements of users, the ability of enterprises to develop new products is getting stronger and stronger, and the development cycle of boom cranes is greatly shortened. Due to the application of new technologies, the crane’s manufacturing cycle and life cycle are shortened, which speeds up the replacement of cranes. Diversified production methods.

The increasingly complex requirements of the crane engineering

With the diversification and personalization of user needs and product delivery requirements, some companies need to adjust production methods to meet the needs of different users. The driving method of the cantilever crane running mechanism can be divided into two categories: centralized driving, that is, one motor drives a long drive shaft and drives the driving wheels on both sides; the other type is driven separately, that is, one on each side Movable wheel motor drive.

Small and medium-sized bridge cranes use a “three-in-one” drive, in which the brakes, reducer and electric motor are combined. Ordinary heavy-duty bridge cranes are easy to install and adjust, and the drive unit usually uses a universal joint. Frequency control is to achieve speed control by changing the synchronous frequency of the motor stator to change the synchronous speed. In order to make the power frequency of the asynchronous motor variable, the frequency converter should be used. The frequency converter is a power supply device that converts constant voltage and constant frequency power into variable voltage and frequency conversion.gantry crane manufacturers

The control mode of the inverter is divided into open loop and closed loop control, which can be selected by the user. Variable frequency speed control electronic control equipment programmable and optional power line switch, line contactor, auxiliary switch, auxiliary relay and so on.

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