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The hydraulic system of the crane

The hydraulic system of the crane will have some problems in the process of using more or less. The problem that often arises is oil leakage. In the face of such problems, it is necessary to find a solution in time to solve the problem. Otherwise, it will affect the use of the machine. Introduced to you is the treatment technology for oil leakage in the crane hydraulic system.Hydraulic Lift Platform manufacturer

In construction engineering, there are other related installations, and the use of crawler cranes is very important. The current main market mode shows the crawler crane rental, which constitutes a market relationship through the way of renting, and achieves mutual benefit. The crawler crane rental business mainly involves the crawler crane, which is a large-scale lifting machine. It is different from the wheeled crane in that it uses the crawler as the running mechanism.

Hydraulic Lift Platform manufacturer

The working part of the crawler crane is also composed of lifting, and the principle is realized by hydraulic pressure. Then, in actual operation, if a leak occurs in the hydraulic part of the crawler crane, an operation failure occurs, which is a common problem.

Crawler crane operators must master the handling of such common faults and understand why this is happening.

One of the reasons for the oil leakage in the hydraulic system is that the seal ring between the piston and the piston rod is aged and worn. When the seal ring ages due to the use time exceeding a certain time range, oil leakage will occur. In order to prevent this from happening, the main means is to operate according to the operation manual. When a certain period of use is reached, routine inspection and maintenance should be carried out, and the problem of sealing is an important content.

If it is determined that the seal is inoperative, replace the new seal decisively and inspect the piston for wear and, if so, the piston itself. Only when the oil is not leaked, the crawler crane can be operated normally and safely, and the normal operation of the crawler crane rental is realized.

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