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The crane transmission is the key to the construction machinery

The crane transmission is the key to the construction machinery (interpretation: an important part of the metaphor). The suspension transmission is used to change the transmission ratio, change the crankshaft of the engine, adapt to the start, acceleration, driving and overcome various road obstacles. The need to drive wheel traction and vehicle speed under different driving conditions. The working conditions of the construction machinery (an important part of the equipment industry), the working environment is very complicated, changeable, maneuverable, the engine load changes greatly during the working process, and the mechanical running speed changes frequently, so that the construction machinery can achieve high efficiency (referring to high efficiency) The energy-saving operation, fast maneuvering, requires constant adjustment of the mechanical gear position.crane manufacturers

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The brake device is an important part to ensure the safe and normal operation of the crane. In the lifting operation, the braking device is used to prevent the hanging from falling on the article or the boom, preventing the turntable or the crane from sliding under the wind or the slope component; or reducing the speed and stopping the movement of the running mechanism; It is also possible to hold heavy objects according to the needs of the work; in special cases, the speed of movement is adjusted by controlling the balance between power and gravity.

When the clutch sleeve is engaged with the high-speed ring gear of the auxiliary transmission, the crane planetary gear shaft, the output shaft, the planetary gear inner ring gear and the auxiliary transmission input shaft gear are fixed and synchronously rotated, and the auxiliary transmission is engaged in high-grade (direct Gear), the five gear ratios of the main transmission are equal to the five smaller gear ratios of the combined transmission. The kbk track is composed of components such as suspension, track, ballast, trolley, electric hoist, mobile power supply (sliding line) and control device. It can be suspended in the roof or beam of the plant. Direct delivery, so it is widely used in material conveying links or systems in all walks of life. The cantilever crane belongs to industrial parts and belongs to the light work intensity crane. It consists of a column, a swing arm rotary drive device and an electric hoist. It has light weight, large span, large lifting capacity and economical and durable. Since the two gear ratio values ​​are very close, one gear ratio is eliminated to form a 9-speed transmission.best port crane supplier

The cantilever suspension brake device is divided into two types: brake and stopper. The kbk track constitutes the key equipment of the KBK crane and its main function is for the operation of the crane. Tracks consisting of suspensions, tracks, ballasts, vertical lines, and turns! The stopper can only rotate the shaft freely in one direction, and can not absorb kinetic energy, only supporting the item to stand still. The working mechanism of the crane should be equipped with a brake under normal circumstances.

The brake can be installed only in the following cases: 1. The mechanism is driven by a cylinder that moves linearly, and the locking oil passage can be grounded. 2. Manual running mechanism of the bridge crane, and is not affected by wind or ramp component.

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