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Exhibition Profile

Exhibition profile:

• Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
• Alarm, surveillance and fire fighting systems
• Bathroom & Sanitary Wares & Ceramic
• Building & Construction
• Construction tools & Applications
• Doors & Windows and External Cladding
• Engineering Consulting
• Flooring & Interior Cladding
• Lifts & Mechanical Systems
• Machinery & Heavy Equipment
• Paints Waterproofing, Insulations & Chemistry
• Power & Electrical Systems
• Water Technology & Sanitation

Promotion Campaign:

This campaign will be fresh and informative, targeted at making sure Libya Build achieves wide recognition and coverage. The Promotional activities will include:
• Direct invitations to professional architects
• Direct invitations to, industrial and commercial government departments
• Advertising in Libyan major Newspapers & Magazines
• Advertising in International newspapers
• Advertising in the National Radio, FM and TV
• SMS – Text message to 3 million mobile phone in Libya
• Out door Advertising and street banners
• Billboards
• Telemarketing
• Internet promotion
• Press coverage

Option 1:

 Indoor stand (minimum 3 x 4 = 12 sq m): “370” Euro per square meter.
This option includes shell scheme construction with Oct a norm system  and white panels, carpet flooring, fascia name in two languages  & stand number, 2 x 150W spotlights, one socket (220 V), one round table, 3 chairs and waste basket.

Option 2:

Space-only package, “330” Euro per square meter.

Option 3:

Outside (open air) space, “100” Euro per square meter.

The above options include:

  1. Promotion Campaign
  2. Listings in the official catalogue
  3. Pavilion security
  4. Pavilion cleaning

Payment Policy:

Full amount has to be transferred to our bank account within two weeks
from receiving the conformation from us, please send us a copy of the
money transfer receipt by fax to ATEX on : ( +218 21 3400 254 )

Exhibitors must bear the bank transfer expenses so that the full amount
will be paid into our account.


  1. The deadline for participation is (Identify Later).
  2. Minimum space for participation in the exhibition is 12 square meters.
  3. For any extra services you require in your stand, please make your order one month before the opening date, application is available in the participation page.
  4. If you wish to build your own stand, you can refer to us for recommendation or assistants. If you will arrange your own stand please contact us to approve the design of the stand.