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the strip deviation or flip

Rolling is type of molding the place the metal is rolled by means of the rising temperature. Aside from the sheets, wire and mild metal pipes are additionally used for welding. The picture etching course of entails picture sensitive polymer being applied to a raw metal sheet. For instance, the output with the bench in an effort to accelerate the cooling water cooling system, which permits the use of low alloy composition to realize the particular stage of energy and low temperature toughness to improve the weldability of the metal.

Moving the probe relative to the surface of the seamless pipe when the defect is encountered, so that the reaction of the eddy current kind magnetic area to the coil, causing the coil impedance variation, which measured the amount of change recognized this seamless steel surface defects. In the strategy of forming metal pipe, sickle bending and wavy shape will cause the strip deviation or flip, simple to make welding seam welded steel pipe , affecting the standard of steel.

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