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Raw Rolling Machine

Thompson ball screws, no doubt are one particular of the ideal ball screws as they are high in high quality and standards. Higher Precision Rolling Machines: Regg Rolling is a designer of higher precision two and three dies spline and thread rolling machines. The company produces really robust machines for cold rolling of higher tensile materials such as 12.9 steel, titanium, inconel and other exotic alloys. The machines are supplied with PLC or CNC controls for a fast machine set up and straightforward use. A newly created hydraulic method makes it possible for a shorter cycle time and less upkeep. The mixture of all these variables permits a higher repeatable production combined with a longer die life.

the microstructure of the thread. This microstructure is characterized by the composition of individual grains of material (molecules) arranged in flowlines, which are denser at the crucial parts of the thread, including the root and the flankbelow the pitch diameter. The inspection method consists of the microscopic examination of every thread at up to 500X. Every thread is checked for proper grain flow, defects, and other non-conformances. The acceptable test reports and certification are produced when necessary.

two die cylindrical thread rolling machine 

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Market Top ROLLING SEWING MACHINE TOTE – The Deluxe Rolling Sewing Machine Tote by Almost everything Mary is the industry leader in sewing machine storage. Our Deluxe Sewing Machine Case characteristics 21 storage spaces with a roomy compartment for your Singer, Brother, or other sewing machine. Our tote functions strong reinforced side handles along with dual wheels and an interlocking telescoping manage for simple rolling. Made with high high quality 75D polyester, your sewing machine is safe in this tote.

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