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How to choose a four-piece home textile

Usually people tend to prefer pure cotton fabrics when choosing bedding, especially for children’s bedding. Pure cotton fabric is soft, comfortable, not easy to generate static electricity, good moisture absorption, sweat absorption and softness, is conducive to sweat glands “breathing” and good health, and soft touch, it is very easy to create a sleep atmosphere. There are some problems in shrinking and fading of cotton fabrics. Generally, the fabrics of home textiles have been pre-shrinked, but the pre-shrinking treatment does not mean not shrinking, but the shrinkage rate is controlled within 3%-4% of the national standard Home Textiles Manufacturer. Products can be safely purchased

The choice of different fabrics will have different effects. The plain weave fabric is rough and warm. It is a longitudinally interlaced weave. Compared with other fabrics, it has a rough feel, but it is very strong. The difference in the yarn count is different. The higher the yarn count, the better the feel and the higher the comfort. The twill weave has a distinct slope, a slight gloss, and the same feel and comfort are higher than the plain weave. Satin is a new fabric that is very flat, shiny, looks like satin, rich and gorgeous, more comfortable, but less durable than twill.

How to choose a four-piece home textile

The true quality of a fabric lies first in its density, which is the number of counts and yarns. Because the higher the density of the cloth, the better the quality of the cotton, the softer the hand, the more lustrous, and the higher the production process requirements. Therefore, the better the density, the better the quality of the fabric, whether it is pure cotton or polyester/cotton.

The number of fabrics, that is, what we often see 30, 40, 60, etc.! The count is the standard for the thickness of the yarn. For example, one or two cottons can be made into 30 one-meter yarns, that is 30, and one or two cotton can be made into 40 yarns of 1 meter, that is 40; 1 cotton can be made into 60 The yarn of 1 meter long is 60. In fact, the higher the yarn count, the finer the yarn. The thinner the yarn is, the softer and more comfortable the cloth is. However, the high count of the fabric requires high quality of the raw material (cotton), and the requirements for the spinning mill and the textile weaving factory are relatively high, so the cost of the 4 piece bedding set cloth is relatively high.

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