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Bike Bag & Panniers

The straps also include various spacers so the bag can be fitted to a variety of handlebar shapes and sizes. This bag also features a reinforced section that helps to keep the pack stable and secure on your handlebars. The best are small enough that they won’t get in the way of your knees while you’re pedaling but have just enough space for everything you need. As far as other top-of-line features, we also look for durability, weatherproofing, easy-to-access pockets, and of course, whether or not the bag will match our bike. Most handlebar bags are designed to fit on the majority of bikes, so for most people this won’t be a concern. The ease of removal, shoulder strap, and complete waterproofing mean that the Ortlieb Ultimate Six Plus would also be a great option for a commuter handlebar bag, so it has versatility on its side.

Generally you should be fine, but do watch out with some of the newer Plus-sized cases. However, with all that said, we’re at the tipping point of technology where mobile phones are replacing the need for credit cards, ID, and even keys. Certain parts of the world are quickly becoming digital economies, and even the need to carry cash for coffee is diminishing. These cycling wallets can be a little hit-and-miss for everyday usage. However, wallets like those from Zilfer aim to be a true do-it-all everyday solution. There are a growing number of cycling phone wallets hitting the market, and like regular wallets, there’s plenty of variety. Many of the cycling-focussed phone wallets on the market seek to work as a jersey pocket organiser.

Vaude has made a trunk bag that attaches directly to the seat post, so eyelet racks aren’t necessary to set up your mountain bike with cargo capacity. Available in different sizes, these seat post mounted trunk bags integrate the bag and rack together as one piece. Made for small mountain bike excursions, or traveling ultra light. Carrying the necessities on your bike instead of on your back makes skirting over those baby heads much more enjoyable. We offer a variety of bags to make carrying gear safe and convenient. Here you will find everything from regular trunk bags, to panniers and frame bags, as well as hydration water packs. These quality bags are made by Bushwhacker, C3Sports ,Topeak and R&B Fabrications.

As with other clip rack models, the best thing about this has to be the easy attachment and release mechanism. You do need a suitable Topeak rear rack to enable this, but I can’t stress enough how much easier it is when compared to Velcro straps. This is the best bike trunk bag for riders who can’t decide between a trunk bag and panniers. I rate the BV Commuter Carrier bag as the best budget bike trunk bag around. The low cost compared to the high quality and durable materials used makes it hard to justify the more expensive models. Not having to buy a special rack for your bike also helps keep the costs down. Three velcro straps attach the bag securely and are very strong unlike some of the straps found on other bags this affordable. The bag features a rear water bottle holder and two side pockets that are well-padded and protected. The overall build quality, padding and protection, and the clip release rack mount make this the best bike trunk bag available today.

bike pannier bag

Of all the trunk bags I tested, this one holds the most stuff. I’d recommend this highly to riders who prefer a smaller trunk bag. Unlike some of the bigger bags around, this is inconspicuous enough that you’ll barely notice it’s there while riding. Roswheel’s convertible bike trunk bag is made of 300 denier polyester and PU leather to keep the bag’s shape extremely effectively. If you prefer leather to a nylon or polyester bag, then this is hands-down the best bag for you. The velcro straps aren’t as convenient as the clip-on models, but they save on rack costs, and aren’t a dealbreaker by any means. This Rock Bros rack bag brings a bit of class with a composite carbon leather construction that is blended with 840D Nylon making it totally waterproof and weather-resistant. The BC Commuter Carrier trunk bag offers generous storage and high-quality build materials for a fraction of the cost of its competitors. It holds more than you’d expect and has reinforced, padded walls that protect not only the main compartment but also the side pockets.

Furthermore, there is a wide opening zipper designed to provide easy access to the large compartment. Yet, this product calms me before the trip knowing its reflective trim serves as a safety warning. I suggest you find such a feature in any frame bags for road bikes. This one stands out among other designs with its spacious storage capacity. This capacious model house tires, water bottles, phones, and other essentials for bikers. In fact, it is almost double the capacity of many bikepacking frame bags. Many modern bikes come with a rear light, signaling to the trailing traffic behind the rider that they must share the road. Often, when bike storage bags are attached to a bike behind the rider, that rear light ends up getting covered, making for unsafe riding at night and busy streets.

This 25+ year-old company makes products that are designed and tested by avid cyclists, so every minute detail is painstakingly considered before a final design is approved. The end result is a lineup of superior cycling accessories that meet the specific, everyday needs of people who ride bikes. Axiom’s panniers are quality bags that work well as either touring or commuting bags. Featuring a fully waterproof drybag with a capacity of 15L, this handlebar bag can carry all your lightweight and bulky items. The additional straps help to keep the drybag packed tight and allows you to attach extra items to the outside of the pack. Trunk bags also come in handy when traveling with your bike, and using public transit. Rack-top cases look professional, are easily removable, and are designed in the style of a suitcase. These travel-style trunk bags make it possible to ride up to the gate, check a bike, and carry on the case as standard luggage. Handy for bike touring, gravel racing, or long road rides, top-tube bags—also known as bento boxes by roadies and triathletes—are a great place to stash ride snacks and other easy-to-access goodies.

The product can offer you an excellent riding experience with its functions. Another good thing about this product is its water and mud-resistant feature, making it easy to clean as simple wiping can remove dust and mud. Since the bag prevents water from entering inside, you can rely on it to protect your stuff, especially your tech gadgets. NDakter used carbon fiber fabric that entirely prevents moisture and water from entering the bag. Not to mention, its high frequency seamless welded zipper furthermore blocks water passage. I can not measure my delight to find a 100% waterproof bag like this one. Considering all the product highlights and features, I can genuinely say that it was one remarkable bag for bikers to store many essentials.

They come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the type of storage you need and the type of cycling you do. For example, small saddlebags are perfect for keeping the essentials such as your phone and wallet safe, while larger pannier bags are better for commuting or taking your bike to the supermarket. Whatever you need, we’ve picked out the best bicycle bags we could find. Waterproof bicycle seat bags are usually made out of a PVC material and are welded rather than stitched. You can use them in downpours of rain and if you like cycling across riverbeds. Therefore, mountain bike saddle bags are usually waterproof. Bike riding is an excellent pastime if you want to get plenty of exercise and spend time outdoors in the fresh air. You will need to take some equipment with you but bicycle saddle bags are the perfect solution for your bike storage issues. They fit neatly underneath your bike seat and attach to the bike seat post with clips or Velcro straps. The seat pack may appear odd to the uninitiated, but it’s a key piece in a bikepacking bag kit.

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