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3 Ways To Apply Basic Makeup

This set is an amazing value and the brushes are so good for the money. I like that the brushes tell you what they are for on the handles, and the bristles are so soft. The blush brush is a bit large, in my opinion, but nothing unmanageable. It also comes with a setting brush, crease brush and foundation buffing bruff. If you are starting out, I think this set, plus one of their eye sets and you are good to go. Makeup brush set is an essential in your makeup kit. In order to apply your makeup properly you will need the right types of brushes. Finding the right brush for doing the job can make you get a miraculous look.

When you want a softer foundation application or a more airbrushed effect, stick with the stipple. Angled Blush Brush—An angled blush brush is used for applying powder blush to the cheeks. The soft angled bristles won’t pick up too much color and will make blending a breeze. For beautiful, softly blended eyeshadow, you need a fluffy blending brush! Look for a brush that has bristles in a dome shape that are flexible but not flimsy. The BH Cosmetics V19 Brush ($10) is fluffy and does a great job buffing color in your crease and diffusing edges.

She has conducted makeup for numerous fashion week shows, editorial shoots, and one-on-one client makeovers. She has worked and trained with several global celebrity makeup artists including Dior’s Ricky Wilson. The consistency of it changes over time and it can negatively impact your skin. It absolutely depends on what look you’re going for and which so-called flaws you’re targeting. If you want to add a little color, lipstick and mascara are great first options. Swipe the brush a few times on a piece of cloth or paper to remove any excess moisture and residual makeup. A professional kit will need many of the same items you need for your personal kit, just with expanded choices.

Shu Uemura’s limited-edition brush set is part of the brand’s 2013 collaboration with contemporary Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. It’s a great gift to give for the holidays, as are the rest of the items in Shu Uemura’s specially designed Christmas collection. If you like them, you should definitely get a jump on these unique beauty goods, as they are all limited-edition creations that will certainly sell out in a flash. For example, I recently purchased this also wonderful 11-piece professional makeup brush set from DaVinci, which makes all of its brushes in a sweatshop-free, family-owned factory in Germany. The moment I opened it, the musky, earthy, organic scent of the real hair transported me back to my post-college days when I lived on a horse farm and was happy and carefree. I also love this brush set, although the extraordinarily long handle length, combined with the $188 price, prevented me from including it on this list. Still a great set, if you like animal hair brushes. I think this set is an art set, which means it might be overkill for many ladies just trying to do their makeup and go. That said, if you have a challenging eye shape or sensitive skin, where softness and precision really matters, this might be worthwhile for you to prevent pulling and tugging. You may also want to take a closer look at the Wayne Goss Eye Set for $148, which excludes the face brushes and is a most excellent and complete eye brush set.

18 Pcs Gold Tube Makeup Brushes

The ferrules are recycled aluminium, and the bristles are cruelty-free, vegan synthetic taklon. Finally, there are two angled brushes; a sharp one for carving out the perfect cat-eye liner, and a softer one that works a treat for smokey eyeliner or for defining the brows. Of course, the brushes are all impeccable quality (and we wouldn’t expect anything less when it comes to Zoeva). With four face brushes and 11 eye brushes, the kit covers all bases — literally. A crease brush is a smaller tipped eye brush that deposits pigments on the crease area. It can get a little harder to apply a concentrated amount of product in the crease because of the narrow area that it is in. My friends seem to be baffled to find out I have tons of brushes in my makeup collection.

This is by no means a must have, especially if you are more of a gloss girl like myself. However, it does come in handy when you are wearing a bold lip and is also a great way to take an extra application of lipstick in your travel bag. Just pack lip color onto bristles and put on the cover. Also, it works great as a concealer brush for covering blemishes.

The solve makeup brush set comes with 32 pieces of well crafted professional makeup brushes for foundation, concealer, eye makeup and all. The set is black handles, with black and grey bristles, with a silver plating in between. To clean them, you just have to run them under a hot water tap, then apply a small amount of shampoo, and give it a light scrub. All the makeup residue that was on them will wash off, and even prevent infections from using dirty ones. These brushes are perfect for whatever makeup product you are using, and the handles are well crafted for a good grip. No makeup set is complete without a multitude of brushes. Morphe Cosmetics is a top retailer known for the quality of their makeup brushes. There are brush sets for the makeup professional and for the novice on the move. They even have a line of vegan brushes for the more animal-conscious makeup wearers. Be warned that some brushes are more prone to bristle loss than others.

Typically shaped like a paintbrush but is slightly denser with firm bristles and is usually made of synthetic fibers.

I love this brush to line my eyes instead of an eyeliner pencil.

Now, I do recognize that there are also excellent special-purpose brush sets on the market for, say, smokey eyes or face alone. My Brush Betty will do another story about those some other time. What type of brush you use to apply blush all depends on the formula. “The creams are easily picked up and buffed into the skin without streaks or splotchiness,” she says. When it comes to powder brushes, the fluffier the better. Powder brushes are best used to disperse powders over the face to set makeup in place. They also work well to apply bronzers in a diffused application. Williams says that this tool is also perfect for adding a touch of shimmer to shoulders and décolleté because they easily cover large areas.

But it’s also fluffy enough to blend out the edges. I’ve created entire eye makeup looks with just that brush because you can just flip the triangular-shaped brush to another side when you want to switch shades. For less than $16, you’ll get 11 different makeup brushes to use for a full face of makeup. Among that selection, there are six specifically designed for eye makeup, and hisownshot considers them their favorites to use. Another user, linkinnnn, added that the brushes are “so affordable, and they really work well for the price.” “I really love that Ecotools double-ended eyeshadow brush set,” PhantaVal wrote on the thread. “I think I use it more that my more expensive It Cosmetics set.”Another user, called nella20, agreed.

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