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The important components of a modular crane

Nowadays, many companies purchase modular cranes for production, because the combined cranes are flexible and fast-moving, and can be combined according to different processes and workstations, so they can not occupy the factory. What are the important components of a low-energy combined crane with an area?China Best Hydraulic Scissor Lift Manufacturer

What are the important components of a modular crane?

1, track hanger

The track hanger is the main fixing system in the combined crane, which is divided into an upper fixing clip, a lower fixing clip and a boom. The upper retaining clip can be connected to the I-beam or to the concrete embedded part. The lower fixing clip is sleeved on the fixed rail by the sleeve, and the side edge is fixed by the self-locking bolt. The boom connects the upper and lower clips through the connection points. The rail hangers are all connected with high-strength galvanized bolts. In addition, the diagonal rods can be added as anti-pendulum supports.

2, rail car

The trolley in the combined crane provides the connection between the main beam and the fixed rail, and the optimized design allows the main beam to move smoothly along the fixed rail. The side rail design of the trolley can ensure that the connection between the trolley and the fixed rail is very reliable, even in the extreme case, the trolley will not fall off.

3, fixed rail

The fixed type rails in the combined crane use high-quality cold-rolled profiles and are aged to have good elastic recovery performance within the yield limit, thus having the advantage of long service life. In addition, the error of the straightness of the track is small, and even when the track length is very long, the straightness requirement of the combined crane when moving can be satisfied.

In addition to the three mentioned above, the main components in the combined crane are hoist trolleys, cable pulleys and sliders, buffers and power systems, etc. These components can be assembled and assembled according to actual use requirements. However, in order for the modular crane to fully function, it is important to pay attention to the purchase from the combination crane manufacturers that are deeply loved by customers.

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