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The door grab crane

The door grab crane itself has a closed mechanism and a variety of styles. Hefei crane door grab crane is on the double drum winch. There are two sets of reels inside, one set of reels leads a wire rope, as strength support, pulling heavy objects, and one group leads another one. The branch is used for opening and closing. When the Hefei crane door grab is half open, it falls on the heavy object. At this time, another set of reels will close the open and close steel wire rope, the wire rope pulls the cross beam, and the door grab crane two.Best BX wall mounted jib crane for sale

The plate is closed, the material filled in the bucket is lifted, the wire rope is lifted and the grab is lifted, and the wire is transported to the unloading site to support the wire rope. At this time, the door grab crane will loosen the open and close rope and open the grab. Remove the material. The Hefei crane door grab crane is generally used as a bridge crane, port machine, and winch. It is mainly used in the chemical industry, terminal transportation industry, ports and power plants to capture all kinds of loose accumulation.

Lifting the electric grab can be seen as moving the closed drum to the grab itself. As the four-rope grab is no longer affected by the pulling of the closed rope, the motor grab is closed, the grab is fully excavated by its own weight, and the grasping ability is large, which is most suitable for grabbing refractory materials such as ore.

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